Australia's largest circulating coin, the 1937 Crown, holds a significant place in numismatic history. Created to commemorate the coronation of George VI, this impressive 38.50mm coin undeniably captured the grandeur of the occasion. However, despite its visual appeal, it failed to gain public favor due to its cumbersome size, rendering it impractical for everyday circulation.

Today, the 1937 Crown is highly sought after by collectors, valued for its stunning aesthetics and historical significance. In exceptional almost Uncirculated condition, as showcased here, it serves as the ultimate centerpiece in any Predecimal collection, commanding attention and admiration.

Produced at the Melbourne Mint using sterling silver, the 1937 Crown had a limited mintage of just one million. Unfortunately, many of these striking coins fell victim to their precious metal content, often being melted down for their intrinsic value. Consequently, acquiring high-grade specimens has become increasingly challenging, further enhancing their desirability among collectors.


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Brand Downies

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