A scarce error type to obtain on the Australian 50c This Error type is called an 'Clipped Planchette or Bitten Planchette Error. This dramatic Minting Error occurs 

In this eye catching piece on sale here you can see that a portion of the coin is missing! About 12.2% Of the Material that usually makes up an Australian Fifty Cent Coin to be precise! 

No It is not what you are thinking. Nobody used tools to damage and remove some of the material away from the coin. What has occured here happened well before this coin ever made its way out into society and currency circulation. It is a true error type with clear signs of Blakesly effect on the opposite side to the where the bite is missing.

How does this Minting Error Occur?

Well as Australia sources their blank unminted coin material (Blank Planchettes) from other nations in Asia. The Blanks are shipped to the Royal Australian Mint from overseas in large barrels. the mishap which led to the minting Error occurs much before the blanks planchettes even land on Australian soil. At the very beginning of the process of Blank Planchettes being created. The Blank 12 Sided shapes of the coin punched from a flat long strip of the metal material which feeds through a machine. As rows of blank planchettes are 'punched' or 'cut' from the strip of metal like a cookie cutter it leaves rows of 50c coin shaped holes in the sheet of metal and then feeds that sheet of metal a bit further through in order to punch out the next row of planchettes. Clipped planchette errors occur when the strip of material does not feed far enough away from the previous row of planchettes cut out. So when the machine does not feed the metal far enough it causes an overlap of the previous holes that were cut out when creating the new row of holes. this overlap causes the new row of planchettes to have a 'bite' or 'clip' of material to be missing from the shape of the unstruck coin.

The blank planchette then makes its way to the Royal Australian Mint and if it goes undedected by Mint processes then eventually the clipped blank will make its way into a minting press and have a design struck upon it!

Exceedingly Scarce and difficult to obtain do not miss out on this one and only in stock! A great Investment Piece and talking Piece to cherish for many years to come!


SKU 4840
Brand Royal Australian Mint

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