Introducing the 1985 1c coin minted by the Royal Australian Mint, a stunning piece of numismatic history that captures the essence of Australian culture and heritage. This meticulously crafted coin pays tribute to the nation's currency and serves as a symbol of national pride.

The obverse side of the 1985 1c coin showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by renowned Australian sculptor Arnold Machin. The finely detailed portrait of Her Majesty is encircled by the inscription "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA," signifying her role as the reigning monarch and the connection between Australia and the British Commonwealth.

On the reverse side, the coin features the iconic feather-tailed glider, an emblematic Australian marsupial, gracefully gliding through the air. The glider's presence represents the remarkable wildlife diversity found throughout the continent, emphasizing Australia's unique natural beauty and ecological significance. This striking design is a testament to the country's commitment to the conservation and preservation of its remarkable fauna.

Crafted with precision and care, the 1985 1c coin is minted using high-quality copper-plated steel, ensuring its longevity and resilience. The coin's diameter of 25.00mm and its weight of 2.60 grams make it a tangible and substantial piece of Australian currency history.

The 1985 1c coin from the Royal Australian Mint is not just a collector's item but a cherished memento that encapsulates Australia's cultural and historical heritage. Whether you are a passionate coin enthusiast, a proud Australian, or someone looking for a unique piece of numismatic history, this coin is a timeless addition to any collection.


SKU 15531
Brand Royal Australian Mint

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