The Dreaming Down Under – Tasmanian Devil postal numismatic cover is highly collectable, featuring an illustration of native Australian fauna in the postage paid area of the envelope and a coin from The Perth Mint. The envelope is postmarked - 9 November 2021 | Greenbushes WA 6254

The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) takes its name from the blood-curdling cry that colonists of its home island would hear during the dark of night. This typically solitary nocturnal animal – the world’s largest extant carnivorous marsupial – would be roaming for food, mainly comprising scavenged carrion. Although Tasmanian Devils prefer to scavenge for food, they will also predate fish, insects, snakes and small birds.

Not unlike a small dog in appearance, the Tasmanian Devil stands at about 30 centimetres in height, weighs up to around 15 kilograms and is coloured dark brown to black, with white on its chest and sometimes on its rump. It is listed as endangered in state and national legislation, and also on the IUCN Red List. Its key threat is the highly contagious Devil Facial Tumour Disease, a cancer discovered in the mid-1990s and thought to spread through individuals biting one another during fighting and mating.


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