Extremely difficult to obtain! This Rare Error type is called an 'Incorrect Planchette' Error. This dramatic Minting Error occurs when a coins design is struck upon a blank planchette that is either the wrong shape or size for the intended design of the coin.

In this spectacular example here you can see that the size of the coin is of the Australian 1 Cent Piece. However upon further inspection the images on the reverse are those of the frilled next Lizard 2 Cent Piece! Likewise on the obverse side of the coin the Effigy Of Queen Elizabeth is much too large for the 1 Cent planchette it is placed upon and therefore the image does not fit entirely on the coins both sides.

How does this Minting Error Occur?

Well as Australia sources their blank unminted coin material (Blank Planchettes) from other nations in Asia. The Blanks are shipped to the Royal Australian Mint in large barrels. The mishap which led to the minting Error occurs much before the blanks planchettes even land on Australian soil. The 1 Cent sized blank has accidentally found its way into a barrel of 2 cent sized planchettes. 

The Royal Australian Mint would then pour this barrell of blanks into a minting press in Canberra unbeknownst of the mistaken planchette contained within that barrel; and there you have it! A wonderfully flawed incorrectly struck error coin of some of the higher degrees or rareness!

This particular example does not have the date of the coin displayed as it it did not fit in the frame of the blank planchette so its exact date is a mystery. Other found examples with dates i have noted have been dated 1988. This coin is also suspected to be a 1988 coin.

Also graded MS64RD which is a beautiful uncirculated grade. Grading is to PCGS World leading Professional Numismatics Coin Grading standards

Exceedingly rare and difficult to obtain do not miss out on this one and only in stock! A great Investment Piece and talking Piece to cherish for many years to come!


SKU 4839
Brand Royal Australian Mint

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